Curtis Murray

Murray Paving

January 20, 2022


Curtis Murray was the man who came out in February, 2020, to give an estimate. His price for 52,700 square feet including 10' wide road to wrap around to the back was $65,900 for a 2 inch coat. For 2 inch of binder and then a 1 inch coat, the price was $105,900.

Mr. Murray came out on Thursday, January 20th. I liked the man when he came out in 2020 and still do. He apologized several times for cancelling the other appointments but said he has a lot of work and no help right now. He was in a hurry when he came by, and it had been raining so we did not walk through everything, mostly talked from the glass entryway.

He said he paves on 3/4 crush-n-run all of the time. (That is the rock we have.) He would bring in some more rock and some "fine," which I understand is very small rock down to a dust. He has a concrete man (Phillip's Slip Form, Inc., 205-648-4774) that he will contact.

When asked about creating something to keep the trucks off the lot, he said, "Go to Walmart and get the yellow plastic chains. You'd be surprised what that will do then you don't have to have someone with a key to let people in."

I did show him the pictures of the flood on March 25, 2021. He said he believed the pavement would help because there would not be as much debris washing into the drains.

He did not say anything about an engineer. I asked about the puddles, and he said he would slope everything to the drains.

He did say they could pave all the way to the building but it would be by hand in some areas and be very expensive. He said they would pave some sidewalks to the doors.

Updated on 1/25/2022

Curtis Murray texted me with the following message: "Hey, the curb man needs civil drawings. Can you give him a call?" That is the third company that has required an engineer and the second one that cannot give us an estimate until we have one draw up the plans.

His concrete man is Phillips Slip Form, 205-643-4774,